Expertise at the intersection of Mobility, the EU and Public Affairs.

I am  a transport policy enthusiast with a broad interdisciplinary professional and educational background.
My most recent projects include the Co-Editorship of the #EU Mobility Atlas, working as an external expert with the EU Committee of the Regions and helping to draft rapporteur Linda Gaasch's opinion on the New Urban Mobility Framework.

You can read my regular column on EU rail policies at Rail Market Research.

I live on the Danish island of Samsø where I am also a member of the board of Energieakademiet.

Read my latest publications here and do not hesitate to contact me for possible collaborations. 

Press mentions: 

Tracking the ups and downs of cross-border train travel in the EU

Let’s be honest, how often do you take the train when crossing borders in the EU? We know flying is anything but sustainable. Yet, the prospect of jetting to our family, friends, or holiday destination fast and (ahem) cheap is all too tempting. Trains have a hard time competing against planes: booking is complicated, trips often take longer, and prices can be irrationally high.

We join forces with Philipp Cerny to untangle the complexity of EU cross-border train travel. After all, Europe has one of the densest railway networks in the world, but markets, policy and incentives seem to move like a slow train coming…

Winds of change on Samsø island

Report by Anne Backhaus for Energiewende-Magazin

The Danish island of Samsø produces more energy than it consumes. A dynamic couple and a dedicated community are the secret of its success. [DE]

Boost Walking, Cycling, And Public Transit Demand Local Leaders From EU’s Committee Of The Regions

Article by Carlton Reid for Forbes
A position paper drafted by a Green city politician, which will be promoted as bolstering an existing EU commitment to sustainable and accessible transport, has been formally adopted by the EU’s Committee of the Regions (CoR), a grouping representing European cities and regional authorities.

Passed by a majority vote in Brussels on October 11, the paper—known as an opinion—was produced by Linda Gaasch, a Luxembourg City councilor, with the help of mobility experts, including Philipp Cerny, author of the European Mobility Atlas.